Things To Know

* First timers are welcome to try all of our classes. Please arrive at least 10 minutes early to your 1st class to sign paperwork.

* We also have locker rooms, bathrooms, and showers for your convenience.

*Please come hydrated and on an empty stomach. You can borrow a mat and towel at your first class.


Class Descriptions

Hot 26: This 75 minute class is for all levels- first timers or advanced. The room is heated to 104 degrees which promotes sweating, detoxing and a challenging cardio work out. You can sit down or drink water any time. Please bring a large towel and a water bottle. You will learn a 26 postures sequence: 13 exercises are done standing-13 are practiced on the floor. Each posture is done 2 times. Every class is the same so you can progress at your own pace or sit in a chair if needed. You will work every muscle, gland, organ in your body while re-energizing, re-organizing every system. For many people this class is more mental than physical as it requires deep focus and concentration. Your breath is the key! Please dress to sweat, come hydrated and don’t eat 2 hours before class. This is the original Bikram hot yoga method and is practiced the same around the world.

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Warm Mix : This 60-70 minute class is a mix of yoga styles. It is for all levels with something challenging for everyone. The teachers will rotate and teach a mix of different styles suited to the group. Modifications will be given for injuries. You can work at your own pace. There will be just enough heat in the room to help your body warm up and promote some sweating and detoxing. You will need a mat, towel & water.

Yoga of Awareness: This one hour class is mostly done in a seated position, you can use a chair, blankets, blocks, bolsters, etc to prop yourself up if you have tight hips or bad knees. We will also do some standing poses. We keep our eyes closed for most of the class. This is taken from the Kundalini style and involves breathing techniques and meditations to help us SLOW DOWN and calm our nervous systems. This style is 5000 years old! The teacher will sing and chant …and translate the meanings. You can just listen or join in. You will learn about the chakras and how to bring your energy and intentions to a higher place. For instance: If you are feeling stressed, depressed or angry…you will leave feeling calm, energized and more compassionate toward yourself and others.

  Flow: This 60 minute class uses breath to flow from one move to the next. You can stop and rest anytime and the class is scaled for all levels. You will get a good core and upper body workout as you move through vinyasas and traditional sun salutations. Be ready for planks that will work your core, lunges to open your hips and downward facing dogs to lengthen your spine and tone your whole body. Let go of your mind-each class is different and unique.  All ages are welcomed-take ‘child’s pose’ to rest anytime. Not recommended if you have wrist or shoulder injuries. Bring a water bottle.

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Senior Chair Yoga: This 45 minute class focuses on grace! The heating panels are OFF-however the room is cozy and stays on the warm side so wear short sleeves. You can wear shoes, socks or bare feet. We are located on the 2nd floor but you can take the elevator if needed. We start and end class with everyone sitting in a chair. You can do the entire class in your chair or use your chair for balancing when doing standing exercises. You do not need a yoga mat. This class is designed to help  you relax and learn to breathe deeply while working on strength, balance and flexibility. No experience necessary. Everyone is different. Everyone laughs!! Never do anything that doesn’t feel right for you! This class is for mature woman of ALL ages ranging from 65-85…also perfect for younger students who are recovery from injuries or finishing up rehab (ask your therapist)


Single Class - $12

Senior Yoga - $6

10 Class Card - $100 (6 month expiration)

1 Month Unlimited - $135

Mat & Towel Rentals - $2

FREE Kangen Water when taking class

 (bring a water bottle!)